Velocity N435GS 2

Flight to Ocean City

Ocean City-101

Ocean City-100

Velocity N435GS 1

Velocity N435GS 3

Velocity N435GS 4

Photo by Stan Berger


Hangar at 3N6


Wide View

Alexandra’s Visit


Scenic Route to Matawan

Off to Nova Scotia

Shane & Naya at 3N6

Naya’s NYC Sightseeing Flight

Naya at the Controls

Graham over PEI

Bruce McKenzie

Basement Paint Shop

Basement Paint Booth

Garage Paint Shop 100

Garage Paint Shop 101

The Shark Look

Phil Blending Basecoat

Final Polish after Painting

Cowl Mod for new Prop


-22C Arrival at CYQY

Take-off from CYQM

Confederation Bridge, Canada

Siggy at CYQM

Alexandra & Breanna at CYQY

Glenn purchased his unfinished Velocity kitplane in 2000 and spent eight years of nights and weekends with Phil Pezzella finishing it.  In 2004 a wealthy Bell 212 helicopter pilot from Nevada paid Glenn for the original registration name, N212HP, and thus N435GS was born.  The prefix “N” is required for all US registered aircraft, the “435” represents Glenn’s old C130 Hercules Search & Rescue Squadron in canada, and “GS” represents Glenn’s initials.
Velocity N435GS is a custom built, high performance, four seater aircraft designed by legendary aerospace engineer Burt Rutan.  It features a NASA developed winglet system and incorporates the latest advances in modern aerodynamics and composite structures.  The rear mounted engine ensures that propeller turbulence, engine heat, noise, and fumes are behind you.  This also makes the cockpit surprisingly quiet and comfortable while providing exceptional forward visibility. 
Flying your finished aircraft fills you with such a deep sense of freedom, inspiration, and satisfaction that it enriches your life forever!
Here are some specifications for N435GS;

  • Fuel injected 200 HP Lycoming IO 360 C1E6 with electronic ignition and Slick magneto
  • 160 knots cruise at 10 gallons per hour
  • German 3 Blade MTV-12 Constant Speed Propeller for improved takeoff/cruise
  • Dynon 10 inch Skyview Glass cockpit system
  • Synthetic Vision and WAAS LPV Instrument Landing System
  • Dynon Skyview SV220 digital computerized engine management system
  • Dynon integrated autopilot with VNAV and fully coupled approaches
  • PS Engineering PM1000II four place stereo intercom system
  • Garmin 430 WAAS Nav/Comm/GPS
  • Garmin GTX 335 ADS-B Transponder with 1090 MOde S and Extended Squitter
  • Terra TX760D Backup VHF radio
  • Terra TMA 350 D Audio Panel/Marker Beacon
  • Garmin 496 Color GPS with satellite weather and autopilot controller
  • Whelan strobes, navigation, landing, and LED panel lighting for night flying.
  • HID (High Intensity Discharge) landing/taxi light
  • Ameri-King 406/121.5/243.0 MHZ Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Dual oil coolers, remote spin-on Wolf oil filter and quick drain kit
  • Center mounted MAC control stick with electric pitch and roll trim switches
  • Electrically controlled hydraulic speed brake
  • ipod & cellphone input coupled to aircraft audio system
Performance at maximum Gross Weight:
  • Rate of Climb 1000 feet per minute
  • Ceiling 20,000 ft
  • Range at 75% 1000 NM
  • Design Load Factor +12G , -9G ‘s
  • Useful load 900 lbs
  • Take off Distance 1400 ft
  • Landing Distance 1,500 ft
  • Maximum Gross Weight 2,250 lbs