With Michael in Fuzhou, China

The Falcon 7X in Miami

Welcome to Abu Dhabi

Falcon 7X Cabin Area Looking Forward

Another Cabin Looking Forward

Falcon 7X Instrument Panel

Pre-Start Checks in Qiqihar, China

FL450 over Saudi Arabia

With Mark in Miami

Carmen in Nanjing

Not Surprisingly There’s No Wine Glass Until We Land

2011 Factory Acceptance Flight from Little Rock

A Working Vacation From NJDOT in the Middle East

A Portrait for Our Scottish Flight Attendant

Portrait for our Flight Attendant

Falcon 7X Flight Attendant 3

The Owner’s Bedroom

Loading New Software in Asia

View of the Aspen Approach in the Simulator

Heads Up Display in the Simulator

Simulator Smoke in Cockpit Training

Falcon 7X Instruments with 2 Engines Out (Simulator)

Falcon 7X Kenny

Dining Options

All Tuckered Out, Seattle to Beijing

Wide Awake for the Beijing Debrief

London City with Steph & Carolyn

Teterboro Departure

Coffee Break

On Approach to Miami Executive Airport

FL430 at Mach 0.852

Dual Channel Phased Array Radar

With NJDOT Fuel Card

Taking a 14 Day Break from NJDOT Aeronautics

Green Airplane at the Little Rock Completion Center

Dassault Wilmington Service Center

Just Landed in Seoul

40 Minutes Awaiting Taxi Clearance to Beijing Ramp

Routine Maintenance Check in Nanjing, China

Patti in the Falcon 7X

Patti 7X-106

Patti at FalconJet, Teterboro

Patti Checks Out the Cabin

Dassault Falcon 7X
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