Glenn Stott has pursued his passion for photography and aviation for 40 years.

He was a persistent eleven year old aviation enthusiast on a BOAC flight to London when the Captain finally allowed him up to the cockpit.  Glenn’s enthusiasm must have intrigued the Captain, because he sat him in the right seat, released the autopilot, and allowed Glenn to gently fly his Boeing 707.   At that moment Glenn was hooked on aviation for life.  He later joined the Canadian Air Force and flew C130’s and jets until he retired as the Chief Instrument Check Pilot for Canada’s 15th Wing.  The unique photo opportunities seen from the cockpit during search & rescue, tactical, and disaster relief missions encouraged him to pursue his photographic skills more seriously.

Glenn spent much of his free time as a second shooter on assignments with his good friend and renown aviation photographer, the late Howard Levy.  Howard patiently taught him the skills and expertise that led to Glenn’s work being published on numerous aviation websites and several  magazines such as Today’s Pilot, Kitplanes, and the Smithsonian Air & Space magazine.

In 2011 Glenn was recognized at Oshkosh by the Experimental Aircraft Association’s 170,000 members and was chosen to receive their 2011 Major Achievement Award for Outstanding Service to Aviation.

Currently, Glenn is a flight instructor and examiner on Dassault’s hi-tech three engine corporate jet, the Falcon 7X.   He photographs several aviation events each year and enjoys flying his Velocity in his free time.  He lives on Lake Matawan, New Jersey, with his wife Patti.  (Patti took this portrait photo)


  1. Great finding you on here im Talking to our Mother as i type she says you might come out west this summmer Hope to get a chance to see Lily…CHEERS Brother..!!

  2. Very nice work Glenn. My son Alex also thinks your work is very impressive. I can’t believe how much you look like Ian. Perhaps you don’t want to hear that. Never the less it’s true. Perhaps someday we will meet. I enjoyed looking at your website. We have a nice airshow every year here in Lethbridge. Cheers.
    Ian’s brother Alistair……… Lethbridge Alberta

  3. First, I want to compliment Patti on those beautiful paintings, I like each of them but I think the one with the keyboard and the one with the lawn chairs are my favourites. I am sure there are good stories behind each of those paintings, and i want to hear those stories over a drink; when you become famous Patti we can say we knew you when. Secondly a big shout out of “Hello!” to Kirk, Glenn can give you my e-mail address.

  4. How wonderful to be able to enjoy your amazing photography.
    I’m so impressed. I also find Patti’s water color paintings so beautiful and so varied to appeal to all tastes.
    Best of luck in all your endeavors and lots of love.

  5. What a fun bio! Too bad there no place in there to talk about that The Barralongs seafaring journey. Site looks great and the pictures of just stunning.

  6. Hey Glenn. I lost your contact number. Glad I found this site. Beautiful and amazing work. So talented. I didn’t know about your passion for photography. Cool. Please email me when you can

  7. Hi Glenn, I’m sitting here with Maureen Clifford (Stott) and reminiscing
    Mo lives on the Sunshine Coast and I’m here visiting for the weekend. Wondering about the Stott clan and found you on line. Hope all is well with you and we’d loved to hear from you. You can reach me at …
    Barb Stott

  8. Hello sir, I got your reference from my sister Neha who works at NJOT. She shared me your website as I am too looking forward to pursue my career as a commercial pilot. If you see this message please spare a moment so that we can get in touch. Thank you in advance.

    • Vinay,

      I received your comment. I remember Neha, she’s a great lady and a pleasure to work with.

      What is your phone number and how can I help?


  9. Hi Glenn, thinking of you as Cape Breton struggles with Hurricane Fiona. Hope all is well. I’m in N.S. permanently now

  10. Hi Glenn,

    I haven’t been on your website for years. I am so impressed, and thank you for posting such great photos; you are so talented. It was so fun to scroll through all the photos.

    Till we see each other again. Love you,

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