Joscelyne at Thanksgiving

Patti’s Great-GrandMother

Patti’s GrandParents

Patti’s Mother Gene Sinnott

Gene & Jim Sr.’s Wedding Party

Gene & Jim on the Church Steps

Gene & Jim Leave the Church

James Tells a Joke

Barbara Zak’s 60th Birthday Party

The Sisters Help Barbara Celebrate

Cambo Grabs an Ear

James Bends the Knee

James’ Proposal

James & Joscelyne’s Wedding

James & Joscelyne’s Wedding

Dad Takes a Moment

Now it’s Official

The Receiving Line

The “Cousin’s Band”

The “Cousin’s Band” 2

The “Cousin’s Band” 3





Barbara Zak 60th-123

Barbara Zak 60th-157

Barbara Zak 60th-162

Barbara Zak 60th-171

Go Jets

Hurry, hurry

Family 2010

Gerry_83 (64)

Thanksgiving 2010-104

Thanksgiving 2010-110

Thanksgiving 2010-123

Thanksgiving 2013-101

Thanksgiving 2013-102

Thanksgiving 2013-105

Thanksgiving 2013-107

Thanksgiving 2013-109

Thanksgiving 2013-114

Thanksgiving 2013-115

Sinnott Family Misc
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