Velocity N435GS

Velocity N435GS 1

Velocity N435GS 3

Velocity N435GS 4

Velocity N435GS 2

Basement Paint Shop

Basement Paint Booth

Garage Paint Shop 100

Garage Paint Shop 101

The Shark Look

Phil Blending Basecoat

Cowl Mod for new Prop

Hangar at 3N6

Final Polish after Painting

Photo by Stan Berger

Take-off from CYQM

Off to Nova Scotia

Confederation Bridge, Canada

-22C Arrival at CYQY

Alexandra’s Visit


Siggy at CYQM

Alexandra & Breanna at CYQY

Scenic Route to Matawan

Flight to Ocean City

Ocean City-101

Ocean City-100

Naya’s NYC Sightseeing Flight

Bruce McKenzie

Graham over PEI

Shane & Naya at 3N6

Naya at the Controls


Wide View



Velocity N435GS
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