Glenn over Rockies

C130 Captain in 1988

Unloading in Iqaluit for the Arctic Survival Course

Air to Air for a Bombardier PhotoShoot

Huge Vulture Strike in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Patti Cockpit

-30C Ramp at CYQY with Ian and Sandy

Comcast Interview at Old Bridge Airport

Airborne Looking Back

Patti Sight Seeing En-route to MaryLand

En-route to Sydney, Nova Scotia

Summerside, PEI for Cassie and Mark’s Wedding

ISAP 2012 Photo Shoot at NAS Norfolk

Patti at FalconJet, Teterboro

Patti in the Falcon 7X

Coffee Break

On Approach to Miami Executive Airport

KOPF Miami Opa Locka Executive

We’re Here

Awaiting Taxi Clearance at ZBAA Beijing

Factory Acceptance Flight in 2011

24K Gold Amenities

The No Frills RLU-1 Breezy Aircraft

Breezy Flight Crew

Commuting to Hong Kong

Routine Maintenance Check in Nanjing China

Just Landed in Seoul, Korea

PreFlight with Carmen in Qiqihar, Northern China

Cockpit in Qiqihar, China

Welcome to Abu Dhabi

Three Amigos in Amman, Jordan

FL450 over Saudi Arabia

Great Meal but No Wine Glass Until Landing

Victor & Carmen, a Great Crew to Work With

Dining Options

All Tuckered Out, Seattle to Beijing

A Working Vacation from NJDOT in the Middle East

NJDOT Fuel Card Enroute to Tel Aviv

Taking a 14 Day Break from NJDOT Aeronautics

Glenn Plane Pics
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