Off to the Elowitz Wedding

Off to the Elowitz Wedding 2

Portrait by Patti

Baby Gordy

Claudio’s Birthday

Big Fire!

The Barralong Delivery in NYC

He Found that Spider in Patti’s Hair

With Kurt & Mike

Bahamas 2009

The Prop Club in the Bahamas

Bahamas Landing

Bahamas Prop Club

Cheers from Bermuda, 2010

Jabiroo Cruise with Steve & Ginny

Jabiroo Cruise 2012

Real Chinese Tea in Nanjing

Mongolian Buffet

Dead Sea Taxi


Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, China

Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian, China 2

Musee D’Orsay Lobby in Paris

Notre Dame Lock bridge

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Glenn 2020

Epic Paris

American Society of American Artists Meeting 2011

Photo by Stan Berger

Glenn & Marco

Denis & Glenn

Glenn & Marc-Antoine

TGIF 2008 in Montreal

Glenn & Lionel

EAA Presentation

Glenn & Kermit Weeks

Glenn & Patti

Halloween on Johnson Ave

Glenn’s 50th Surprise Party

Glenn’s 50th Party 2

A Lobster Feast Chez Ian

Glenn & Shane in Manhattan

Its Gravy, Not Sauce


Gordy Loves a Bath

Gordy Loves a Bath

Gordy Loves a Bath 2

Gordy Does Love a Swim Though

Patti & Gordy

Manhattan Theater

We bought a Convertible

Drop Top Through Ocean Grove

Surprise Mazda 3

Phil’s Dinner

NBAA in Teterboro with Jack

A Wet Trip on the Niagra

Niagra Falls

Night Shots

Atlantic City Boardwalk 2010

Time Warner Debut

Patti & Mugs

Patti at the Lake

Sheila & Patti in the Pool

Patti’s 50th Birthday

Patti’s 50th with Lori & Beuna

Patti’s 50th

Patti’s 60th

Royal Carrib to Visit John Swainson

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Explorer of the Seas Lobby

Royal Carribean

A Drink With a Good Book

Calm Seas

The Dangerous Arctic Standing Lenticular

Young Cammy

Glenn’s Family
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