Baby Bee (L) and Glenn (R)

Glenn Pre2000 2020

Glenn at St Peters Road

The Air Cadet & Boy Scout

Patti the Teenager

Patti’s Master of Arts Graduation

Glenn 1981 at Cottage Road

Stott Timber Corp.

Chilliwack BOTC with Frank, Rita & Gran

Ice Baptism after first Aircraft Solo in May 1984

Survival Camp During 1983 Training

Patti & Glenn meet on the Jolly Roger

Home in Island’s View, Nova Scotia

SV Barralong in 1995

Barralong Crew

Coteau Street, Moose Jaw, 1985

Base Commander’s Award, 1985

Glenn Wing’s Grad Photo 1985

Brean & Sandy’s Wedding, August 1990

Boat Hockey at Buffalo Pound Lake

Patti & Heather

Becky & James in a Patti Sandwich

Alexandra, “I love Pizza!”

C130 Hercules Pilot, 1986

Patti & Becky at Seeley Ave

James Sidoti speaks with Pierre

Footin’ Practice on Ness Lake

500HP Footin’ on Ness Lake

Glenn Pre2000 2020

Ready to Launch

Buffalo Pound

Glenn on the Air Chair

Glenn 1988


Glenn in Banff

Bike Trip through the Mountains

Calgary Stampede

Patti on the Dock

Patti & Glenn

With Moira and Ross at Buckingham Palace

1997 Wedding

Citizenship Day in Garwood

Just Clearin Out, 1994

Glenn 1983

Barbara, Patti & Glenn at Marble Mountain

Puddy on the Rocketship

Tubing in Red Bank, NJ

Moira’s Wedding

Moiras Wedding

PEI Party

James Taylor Concert at the PNC

Glenn Pre-2000
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