Great Wall Entrance

Great Wall Entrance

Mount-Five Buddha Resort Area

The Main Entrance

Exterior of Public Restrooms

The Men’s Room

Walkway to the Wall

Looking Back Along the Valley

Remote Watch Tower Closeup

Remote Watch Tower

Guard House in the Wall

Canon on the Wall

Part Way There

A Steeper Section

Half Way There

Long Way to Go

Rugged Terrain

Collecting Recycling for Cash

Finally at the Top

Its Not That Easy to Go Down Either

The Summit

Time for a Water Break

Gearing Up for a Wedding Shoot

Traditional Chinese Wedding Dresses are Red

Shape of Dress and Wall

Beautifully Red

The Money Shot

Roadside Roasted Chestnut Shop

Anyone for Roasted nuts

First Pass Under Heaven World Heritage Center

Solid Tables for Crushing Chestnuts

Shanhaiguan Village Bakers

Village Gift Shop

Giddy Up

Gate Through the Great Wall

Wall Repairs at Shanhaiguan Gate

Shanhaiguan Stores Closed for Off Season

Shanhaiguan Lake

Shanhaiguan Lake 2

Laolongtou means “Old Dragon’s Head”

Laolongtou Plaque

Laolongtou or Dragon’s Head note the resemblance

South Side of Laolongtou

MilePost Zero of the Great Wall

Hidden Gift Shop in Dragon’s Head

Military Garrison at Laolongtou

Garrison Ovens

Bulky Kitchen Appliance

Soup Bowl for 1,000 Soldiers

Mongol Wall Climbing Machine

Patrol Boat

Firm Mattress Sleeps 30 Men

Garrison VIP Section

Garrison VIP Section

Chenghai Pavillion

Built for Visiting Emperors

Dragon’s Head Looking South

Bronze Compass Embedded in Floor

Dragon’s Head Looking North

Laolongtou Furniture Shop

Great Wall-162

Crazy Sofa from Gnarled Roots

View from my QinHuangdao Hotel

Great Wall at Qinhuangdao
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