Ian Mya

New Mama

Baby Adele

Siggy’s Baby Adele

Siggy & Graeme

Caught in the Rain

Short people

Graeme Lobster

Taking a Break

Ian on Bike

Siggy & Patti


Ians Award

PEI with Beth

Vanessa’s Wedding

Chillin’ in PEI

Relaxing Bros

Uncle Glenn’s Velocity

Manhattan Tour

Graeme in Dakota 1

Graeme in Dakota 2

Graeme in Velocity N435GS

Graeme over Manhatten

Graeme on Lake Matawan

Siggy and Alexandra in NJ

Siggy & Alexandra in Matawan

NYC Tour

NYC Tour 2

NYC Tour 3

Muggsy wants some Petting

Graeme in HotTub

Matawan Summer Party

Hit It!

Pitt’s Special

Graeme Velocity

Graeme Velo 2

Cousins in PEI 1

Cousins in PEI 2

Eastern Canadians

Beach (2)

Ian 2020

Beach (4)

Christmas Cheer

Firewood for Christmas

Siggy Portrait



Teterboro Wings & Wheels



Porche Parts!


Siggy & Anik-215

Siggy & Anik-191

Siggy & Anik-251

Siggy & Anik-267

Siggy & Anik-197

Snow Day

Snow Day 2

NY Auto Show 2015

Summer 2022

Vans RV-8 in Progress

Sun N Fun with Jack

I’m Gonna Fly This

I’m NOT Gonna do This

With Philly at Captain Dan’s

Ian Jr Family
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